Nakins in Abu DhabiThe napkins are a part of your brand and an integral part of the customer experience, so you shouldn’t neglect them. In addition, with so many types and sizes of napkin available, you may wonder which ones to buy or how best to use them to meet your customers’ needs. To help you, we’ve put together an overview that describes the table cloth that are best suited for the size, use and occasion.

The choice of the right cutlery, tablecloths and table decorations is an important task for any hostess. After all, inviting someone over for a meal can speak volumes about you! Despite the importance given to the dress table, many people overlook the importance of choosing straight napkin. That is why I would like to help you and give you my expert insight in napkins assistant on this topic. When choosing a napkin, paper napkin may seem convenient and economical, but they are not very environmentally friendly. They are not as elegant as cloth napkins, which easily emit an air of sophistication. These are just two of the many reasons why I recommend cloth napkin; After all, I am the napkin wizard for a reason!

Here are some alternatives to paper napkin and when I suggest using them:

1 Linen Napkin excellent for use in formal dinners because they provide a superior appearance.

2 Cotton Napkin are perfect for everyday use at home. They’re softer than linen napkin.

Have you ever noticed that napkins come in different sizes? He may seem confused at first, but don’t worry. The napkin wizard is here to help! I prefer the following sizes for the following meals:

1.20-inch breakfast napkin

2.Breakfast: 18 or 20 inch napkin

3.Dinner: 22-inch napkin

If you do not have a ruler in your hand and are unsure of the size of your napkins, a practical rule is to always remember that the napkin will be placed on your lap. A napkin too small to cover your knees can cause spills and stains, and no one wants your guests to throw food on their clothes during a meal at home. Recently I read that the extraordinary artist Martha Stewart uses old kitchen napkin or linen napkin as large napkin. Many people struggle with the question of how much starch to use on their napkins. I always suggest using medium size starch for this. Why is that? The more starches you use, the harder the napkins will be on your guests’ mouths. If you are new to the art of folding napkin and prefer to use more starch to fold your napkins, try ironing them for the fold in place!

While paper napkins are your priority for busy meals of the week, setting the table with a cloth napkin can raise anything from the kitchen bar to the Christmas dinner table. When it comes to buying cloth napkin, it is best to have a few different options in your wardrobe so you are always ready. Silk napkin are ideal for very formal events with their shine, while linen napkins can work as well for Thanksgiving dinner as an occasional meeting with friends. Cotton napkins work for all kinds of occasions and are even favorites for making family dinner because they are easily washed. Whatever your need, a few pairs of cloth napkin to have on hand are indispensable for any home. When it comes to making family dinners, they are the perfect choice. Whatever your need, a few pairs of cloth napkins to have on hand are indispensable for any home. Napkins are durable and beautiful for any occasion. They are made of premium poly cotton which is soft and durable. When looking for a slightly stiffer napkin, a variety of linen is the way to go. When it comes to a product of choice.

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